Jan 102013


“Readers (…) will surely admire her honesty, intelligence and lack of vanity, and be occasionally taken aback by her unrelenting intensity. As a result, the book becomes not only what I initially thought it was — an affecting, emotional and nostalgic look at the ways in which women form bonds — but also just as much a study of the boundary issues that can crop up between friends and threaten to ruin everything.”


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Feb 142013



It is a common complaint levied against memoirists that we are self-absorbed: we always appear to be talking about ourselves (See?). We get called narcissists, and we’re called out for imagining others will be interested in our lives, in us.  Actually, it’s almost exclusively women who bear the brunt of the accusation, as if it’s still somehow “unladylike” to draw attention to oneself, just as it might be “unladylike” to sit with knees apart.


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Jan 162013


“Writing is the thing that lets me make sense of everything around me. And in many ways I haven’t really experienced something until I have written it out and written it out and written it out again,” Sonnenberg says. “It’s not like self-therapy. It’s different from therapy because it’s so internal, and it’s so private. As I write, as I engage in that creative act, I can feel things shifting in my own understanding.”


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