Upcoming Readings and Events





Savannah Book Festival

11:30 AM, Telfair Sculpture Gallery

Savannah, GA





Watch this space for further details on this and other upcoming events




Archived Media Events and Interviews

                                                         01.31.2013     Live Chat with BookTrib

                                                         01.24.2013     Strand Bookstore with Robert Boytnton

                                                         02.14.2008    Q & A with Amazon.com
                                                         02.18.2008    One on One with Barnes & Noble
                                                         02.26.2008    WAMC – Northeast Public Radio
                                                         03.06.2008    Drinks with Tony
                                                              04.2008     Southeastern Review
                                                         11.11.2008      Louisville Metromix

                                                         11.25.2008     PsychJourney