She Matters: A Life In Friendships


With remarkable candor, wit, and wisdom, Susanna Sonnenberg fearlessly examines her female relationships since childhood, brilliantly articulating the ways each sustained, sometimes devastated, and ultimately defined her. She Matters: A Life in Friendships is a dazzling, poetic love letter to what women share, and an unforgettable memoir you’ll immediately want to pass along to friends.

KATE WALBERT, author of A Short History of Women



 A ruthless and illuminating exploration of the friendships that dominated, influenced, nourished, inspired, haunted—and sometimes tore her apart—Susanna Sonnenberg has written a book as searing and superb as her first book about her mother, Her Last Death. Childhood friendships, friendships with older women, friendships that play out with the passion and intensity of love affairs, the friendships between new mothers—each has its own subtleties, its own lessons that Sonnenberg examines and understands with astounding acuity. Sonnenberg’s style is investigative and ruminative; the result is candid and fearlessly observed portraits of the nuances and complexities of friendships that become universally recognizable. For women of all ages, She Matters is testimony to the emotional significance of the sometimes intense and powerful bonds of female friendships—and their essential role they play in our journey to adulthood, and our deepening humanity.



 Sonnenberg dances close to the fire on every page, unmasking female friendship as a liberating, dangerous, and rigorous art. She Matters renders the messy self with gorgeous clarity. It’s the truest, most human book I’ve read all year – generous, hiliarious, ecstatic, and profound.

CAROLYN COOKE, author of Daughters of the Revolution